Hamiyoca! - Hash me if you can :D
This page is the web version of a nerd miner. It uses your computing power to enter the bitcoin lottery and tries to mine some bitcoins.
The more computing power you give, the more chances you have to win, but still the chances are very low.
However, only if you don't try, you have no chance at all.

The miner is by default running by on the following address. You need to change the address if you want to mine for yourself.


Please donate some computing power to me by running it with the default address.
Mining stats can be found here.


Important: If you want things to stay fast, do not put this tab in the background. Move it to a separate window instead.
Mine Method:
WebWorker WebWorker Threads:
WebGL WebGL Threads:
Username (BTC Address)
Password (likely not needed)

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